Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update



Whilst we are still operating at full capacity that is not indicative of us not taking the current situation seriously.

It just means we have changed the way we work to ensure the safety of all involved whilst still operating efficiently. All but one office staff are set up at home with workstations, linked in phone systems and have full access to the company IT systems, email, images, data etc. The office is operating exactly as normal, even down to the phones. We have been paying strict attention to the government guidance from the start of the outbreak and monitoring updates daily to check for the latest advice.

We also take additional advice from our specialist HR company to make sure we are doing everything possible to keep our staff and customers safe. The government have closed all non essential face to face retail and leisure establishments but they are actively wanting mail order companies like ourselves to continue to trade: "Online retail is still open and encouraged and postal and delivery service will run as normal."

All of our office staff bar one are working from home and we are down to just two warehouse staff with their workstations spread far apart. Strict hygiene protocols were implemented at the start of the outbreak and continue to be enforced. Our offices and warehouse are separate with no mingling of the staff to ensure their total safety. Strict protocol and procedures have been implemented regarding incoming and outgoing deliveries. Our office doors are kept locked with a complete ban on anyone bar the two staff members entering the premises.


Stay safe people, see you on the other side.